Portable Travel Water Filters

Soak up the atmosphere. And nothing else.

Travel requires flexibility. Fellow 'passengers' may have more than two legs. Accessing the privy may involve a hike - and a shovel. And traffic signals may be viewed as suggestions. When you leave your comfort zone, you expect to make compromises.  But the safety of your drinking water shouldn't be one of them.  

At home, filtered water systems play a vital role in our lives - the health benefits they provide are indisputable. But in situations where the purity of the local water source can't be taken for granted, they become indispensable. Safe, clean drinking water is essential to life - no matter where you are. Our portable water remove impurities and bacteria, making any fresh water safe and potable.

Our travel water filter range is extensive and we can customise a drinking water solution for all markets including; 

Whether you're drinking from a well, a river or a lake, in Calcutta, Cape Town, or Cairns, the source of your water may vary but the reliability of our filters won't.

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