Sprite Slimline Shower Hose Filter System

Sprite Slimline Shower Hose Filter System

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Studies show that for better health, chlorine should be removed from our drinking water. Shouldn’t you apply the same health standards to your shower water? Improve your shower experience today… with a Sprite Hand Held Shower Filter and feel the difference it makes to your skin, hair and general wellbeing.  Just one simple attachment and you're good to go.  

The Sprite Hand Held Shower Filter is the best in style and technology and is designed to attach to most standard shower hoses with a quick and easy fit system. In polished chrome with an internal replacement filter cartridge, you'll be feeling and looking healthier in no time.

Effectively reducing free chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide, dirt and sediment, odours and sodium hypochlorite our Sprite shower hose filter system is a must for every home. Order yours today!

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  • Effectively reduces chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide, dirt & sediment, odours, sodium hypochlorite
  • Designed for hot water use 
  • Reversible filter cartridge giving you longer filter life
  • Cartridge life rating 3 - 6 months (for an average family of 4)
  • Fits most universal shower hose systems
  • USA manufactured, NSF certified


  • Your skin feels better and looks younger
  • Increase in sudsing and lathering of soaps and shampoos
  • Easy to install yourself
  • Quick and easy change replacement filter cartridge


Size 20cm Long x Tapered 4cm dia approx
Flow Rate Continuous
Capacity Replace filter cartridge every 6 months
Temperature Range Hot and cold water
Electrical N/A
Colour Polished Chrome
Warranty 12 months warranty for any manufacturing faults
Suitable for Home

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