Waterlux Micro Chiller

Waterlux Micro Chiller

Product Code: WP9002

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If you like chilled water you will love the Waterlux Micro Chiller. This Australian made and very compact chiller will fit neatly and out of sight under your kitchen sink. Everyone will enjoy the healthy lift they get from the filtered fresh crystal-clear chilled water. There is an option of a dual temperature tap for those who love filtered water, but prefer it not to be chilled.

Product Code


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  • Chilled filtered water instantly
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Silent running


  • Competitively priced
  • Very compact and will fit into those small spaces under the sink
  • Option of a dual temperature tap for those who prefer their filtered water to be cool but not chilled


Size 18W x 38D x 28H
Flow Rate Continuous
Capacity 30 glasses instantly, 60 glasses/hour recovery
Temperature Range 5°-10°C
Electrical 240 volts, 1/2hp, 50Hz, 2 metre, 3 pin cable
Colour Chrome Faucet to Sink Top
Warranty 12 months comprehensive warranty
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