Billi Quadra Plus 5XL Boiling & Chilled + Hot & Cold Mains (Commercial)

Billi Quadra Plus 5XL Boiling & Chilled + Hot & Cold Mains (Commercial)

Product Code: 904025LPCH

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In addition to all the benefits of the Billi instant boiling & chilled filter tap, the All-In-One system features a separate mains mixer tap eliminating the need of a hot water system, providing your kitchen with hot and cold mains water and instant boiling & chilled filtered water all in one.  In a stylish clean line design with a range of tap designs and colour options, including polished chrome, matte black, matte white and rose gold, not only will you have a practical solution for your kitchen needs, the modern design choices gives your kitchen the wow factor you are looking for. Available in a range of hot, boiling & chilled capacities to suit the demands of your kitchen, enquire today for the right system for you.

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  • Separate mixer tap with its own hot water supply functioning as your hot water service as well
  • Eliminates the need for an additional hot water service
  • 50 degrees C hot water, 40 litres per hour (with 60 & 85 litre options)
  • 100 cups boiling water per hour (with 180 & 250 cup options)
  • 175 cups chilled water per hour
  • Range of colour options including chrome, matte black, matte white & rose gold
  • Choice of mixer tap styles - Paddle, gooseneck or square
  • Choice of lever dispenser styles - levered, touch or remote
  • Instant filtered boiling/chilled or boiling/sparkling/chilled combinations
  • Boiling water reserve
  • Splash free water flow
  • Boiling water safety switch
  • Sub micron integrated water filter
  • Twin fluoride filter kit option


  • No need for a hot water system for your mixer tap
  • All in one hot water supply and instant filtered chilled & boiling (or sparkling) tap
  • No cupboard ventilation required for water cooled models
  • Low energy consumption saving you $$$
  • Boiling water reserve ensures you have boiling water if the mains hot water reserve is fully drawn
  • 2 year warranty


Size H340mm x W315mm x D465mm (D 510mm for air cooled models)
Flow Rate Continuous
Capacity 40 litres hot water per hour (60 & 85 litre options); 100 cups boiling per hour (180 & 250 cup options); 175 cups chilled per hour
Temperature Range 50 degrees C (mains hot water); 6 - 15 degrees C (chilled); 98 degrees C (boiling)
Electrical Connected to 10 amp power outlet (15 Amp for large Quadra Plus 15 model)
Colour Polished Chrome, Matte Black, Matte White, Rose Gold
Warranty 2 years
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