External Inline Small Fridge Filter

External Inline Small Fridge Filter

Product Code: CCBILSM

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The Aquakleen In Line Fridge Filter is a perfect choice for those ice-maker refrigerators that are configured for an external in line filter. It can also be fitted in situations where an in-line filter is all that is needed to enhance water quality. Please ask us if you are unsure. It doesn’t matter what brand of in line filter you have previously been using, we can configure the Aquakleen in line filter to fit your situation.

Product Code


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  • Compact size
  • Direction of water flow clearly marked on label
  • Removes chlorine and other organic impurities


  • Made in USA to highest quality specifications to give you optimum water quality
  • Can be used in place of other brands, as there are different options for connectors to suit your needs
  • Very easily replaced by the user when necessary


Size 260cm long x 5cm dia
Flow Rate Varies according to user requirements
Capacity Replace every 6 months
Temperature Range Ambient or Chilled
Warranty 12 months comprehensive warranty for any manufacturing defects
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