Sierra Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System

Sierra Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System

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When you're limited with budget but don't want to compromise on your water quality, this system is for you! Made in the USA, with 3 filters but giving you 4 stage water purification this is a great choice. 

The Sierra Reverse Osmosis system comprises of 3 separate, easy change under sink filters that dramatically reduces or eliminates harmful chemicals, fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, copper, sediment, dirt, rust, bacteria, viruses, cysts and many other contaminants in your water. Colour coded filters makes it easy for you to change the right filter at the right time.  

And with premium purified water conveniently accessible on your tap at all times, you can be sure of the many health benefits of continuous purified water.  Not just for drinking but also for filling up your kettle, cooking and washing your fresh produce.  Every day, every time.

With the addition of many stylish taps to choose from, whether it be a 3 in one mixer or a stylish separate tap, you're onto a winner and sure to be delighted by this awesome choice and addition to your home.  

Product Code


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  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Colour coded filter cartridges can be replaced without tools
  • Reverse osmosis membrane reduces total dissolved solids (TDS) by 96%


  • Great tasting drinking water for just cents a litre
  • Compact design saves under-the counter space
  • Easy to install with pre-connected colour coded tubing and hygienically sealed filter cartridges


Size 36cm H x 30cm W x 12cm D
Flow Rate 3 litres/minute
Capacity Tank size 11 litre or 6 litre capacity
Temperature Range Ambient
Electrical Not Applicable
Colour Polished chrome or brushed stainless steel tap options
Warranty Up To 5 Years Conditional Warranty (except for cartridges)
Suitable for Home, Office

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