What can I expect to pay for my business?

The Water People on 7 May 2019

Drinking water fountains are popular hydration solutions for gyms, workplaces and education facilities - any organisation that requires a constant stream of chilled hydration. Like other water supplies, costs of drinking water fountains vary widely between makes, models and applications.

The final cost of drinking water fountains will depend on a variety of factors, including chilled water capacity, features, styles, installation requirements and filtration requirements.

For a general estimate, here are ballpark costs of some popular brands and styles of drinking water fountains. There may be additional costs to consider such as filter kits and plumbing installation costs:

Make and modelPrice

Zip Economaster (60-140)

Between $1,100 and $1,900

Enware Bubbler

From $1,100

Enware Pedestal Junior

From $1,400

Enware Pedestal Adult

From $1,265

Waterlux Wheelchair Accessible

From $1,900

Waterlux Robust

From $1,050

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The required capacity of drinking water fountains is dictated by how many people use them. Depending on the size of an establishment, a single fountain can supply an entire workplace or facility. For larger chilling requirements, several drinking fountains may be required to do the job.

Small commercial fountains

Ideal for gyms, work sites  and small organisations, lower capacity drinking fountains can supply up to 80 cups of ice cold water per hour.

Large commercial fountains

Larger institutions like larger gyms, schools, hospitals and universities require great capacity drinking fountains, and can supply 140 cups of chilled water per hour.


water fountain types

Not all drinking water fountains are made equal. There are many features that differ between models, leading to different price points.

  • Drinking fountains provide a regular stream of water direct from the source, without the need for a bottle or cup.
  • Water bottle taps offer an additional outlet to fill water bottles and cups.
  • Damage resistance measureslike powder coating and tough materials, are ideal for high traffic areas and situations where fountains may be prone to vandalism.
  • Accessibility differs between models. Drinking water fountains can be wheelchair accessible and sized for children, as well as coming in standard sizes.


There are several different brands of drinking water fountains, each of which boasts several styles, designs and finishes. They also range in water capacity and price.

For more information about the best drinking water fountain make and model for your organisation, contact The Water People.


When it comes to installing drinking water fountains, the main consideration surrounds your plumbing requirements. No matter what capacity you purchase, drinking water fountains need a constant ready source of water to operate at their full capacity. They also require a waste drain outlet, with the addition of an electrical power point to power the internal chiller.

Water inlets are connected to mains water supply that needs to be accessible where the installation of the drinking fountain is intended. If you are unable to tap into your exiting mains water supply, or accessibility is complex, you may need to consult your local plumber for costings to do so. Every building and installation is different.

Drinking water fountains also require waste drainage. All drinking water fountains require the drain to be connected to the waste water within your building, and requires a standard 40mm drain. If you are simply replacing an existing drinking fountain, then the change over should be simple.

However, if you are installing a complete new system, you will need to consult your local plumber for the drain connection required for your installation.


water fountain

Filtration is strongly recommended to ensure your drinking water is clean, healthy and tastes pleasant. Filtration also aids in protecting the internal mechanisms of your drinking fountain from the build up of residue and sediment, potentially prolonging the life of your appliance.

As filters are consumable and deteriorate over time, the cost of replacement filters needs to be considered. The recommended frequency of filter replacements differ based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Rate of use of the system
  • Capacity of water
  • Water quality

Prices differ on a case by case basis, but you should expect to pay between $150 and $250 every 6 months for replacement filter cartridges.

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Drinking water fountains should be costed and installed on a case by case basis. Each organisation and application will need a different solution.

Don't let confusion muddy the waters. Let The Water People assess your business and tell you exactly what you need. From make and model, to installation requirements, our expert team can give you an accurate summary of the costs of drinking water fountains.

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