About Us

Welcome to The Water People

We are Australia's filtered water experts. Pure and simple.

'Expert' isn't a word we throw around lightly. It isn't a slogan for refrigerator magnets, or badge you can slap on a website, and expect to remain untested. It's not a title you can confer upon yourself - it comes from your clients, your peers, and your qualifications.  It may be a boast, but it's earned. And after 28 years of experience, it's a word we're comfortable using.

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We're Family Owned And Operated - Our Reputation Is Our Business.

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Product Range

We carry only the best products. Our select range comprises premium brands, including Zip, and our own label, Hydromix. With no obligation to a single brand or supplier. We're not salespeople with a set of products to push - we're plumbers, with a commitment to finding solutions. We care only about providing outstanding service to our clients, and the diversity of our stock allows us to do that. We customise solutions to accommodate any circumstances, and deliver what people want: products that make their lives healthier and easier, with no fuss or hassle.

We're Not Hiding Behind A Website. Please Come In To Test - And Taste - The Difference Our Products Make.

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