Servicing & Repairs for Billi & Zip Taps Melbourne

Trusted for more than 25 years, we can repair and maintain your filtered water taps.

Our products are designed to make people's lives healthier, easier, and more enjoyable. They need to work. That's why we conduct regular maintenance checks on our filtered drinking water systems. We'll ensure that your investment continues to operate perfectly.

Simple, easy, and convenient, our water filter service program is designed to take the effort out of maintaining your filtered drinking water system. At the time of installation, we determine the appropriate maintenance cycle - every six or twelve months, depending upon volume, usage and capacity. Then, we schedule our visits, with a follow-up call to confirm that the time is convenient to you. We arrive with the necessary equipment - including replacement filters - conduct our check, change the filters, and go on our way.  

Why do filters need to be changed?

Filters use carbon, charcoal or a blend of filter media to reduce impurities and contaminants from your drinking water. Over time the surface area of the filter will fill with these impurities and no further contaminants can be adsorbed. Sometimes the pores become so filled that water can no longer penetrate the filter effectively. Two things can happen – the flow rate of the water will slow or, it will stay the same and the contaminants will remain in your drinking water. This is why we advise all our customers to have regular servicing of their water systems and to have their filters changed. 

The benefits of changing filters include;

  • To prevent harmful bacteria building up in the filter
  • Continue to remove contaminants from your water at an optimal level
  • Reduce chance of damage to your overall system due to over-pressurisation
  • Optimum Filtration performance
  • Healthy clean drinking water at its best

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Conducted by our service-oriented, licensed plumbers, our maintenance visits:

  • Are automatically scheduled - no need to ring
  • Protect your investment
  • Ensure optimal performance
  • Include replacement of filters

The best customer service is when you don't need to make a call. Because it just works. That's our standard. And we'll make it yours.

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Repairs & Breakdowns

Our passion for providing absolute customer service extends to systems we haven't installed ourselves. If you have a problem with your filtered drinking water system - if you detect a bad smell, bad taste, or the water simply stops coming out - call us. With 27 years' experience, we haven't seen a problem we couldn't resolve yet. Any brand, any system, from any supplier, any time. We will address your problem as quickly as possible - usually within one working day.

In the event that something goes wrong with one of our systems, we honour all warranties and will make your situation our first priority. 

The quality of our service turns one-off customers into long term clients. Find out why.  

We're Australia's Filtered Drinking Water Experts. Pure And Simple.

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