Water Filter Alkalisers

Who knew achieving balance could be this easy?

Traditional electronic ionising filters cost thousands, putting them - and optimal pH balance - out of reach for many clients. We have closed that gap. Our manual water filter alkalisers attach to your existing water filtration system, to produce a result identical to those achieved by expensive, electronic devices, at a fraction of the price.   

As our understanding of the hazards of our modern lifestyle grows, so does our understanding of how to protect and promote our health. Many in the medical field now believe that environmental factors are artificially increasing the acidity of our bodies. While filtered water systems contribute to good health by removing both organic and inorganic contaminants, working alone, they do not reduce the pH level of our water supplies. Most tap water has a pH of 7; ideally, drinking water should be less acidic, with a pH between 8-9.5. Our alkaline water filters achieve this balance.

Combined with our triple filtration system and reverse osmosis system, we can deliver filtered water of the highest possible purity, at ideal pH levels.

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