Alkaliser/Mineraliser In Line - Complete with Housing

Alkaliser/Mineraliser In Line - Complete with Housing

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Alkaline drinking water is “The pH Miracle”. It can help your body maintain optimum health, tastes great, is completely natural, both hydrates and detoxes your body, promotes a neutral pH level in the body and requires no extra effort on your part.

Look better... feel great. The Aquakleen In Line Alkaliser/Mineraliser uses a series of different media to make the water alkaline rather than using expensive electronic technology. It is easily connected to your existing water filter system or water supply for drinking water. And, it also re-mineralises your drinking water for a great final addition to your Reverse Osmosis Filter System.  You'll love feeling great with a more alkaline diet.  Enquire today.

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  • Adds antioxidants and calcium to water
  • Lowers “ORP” (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
  • Increases pH and is antibacterial


  • Made in USA to highest quality specifications to give you optimum water quality
  • Cartridge very easily replaced by the user when due
  • Available in 2 style – In line 12” or drop in. 10” to suit your needs


Size 30cm long x 7.5 cm diameter
Flow Rate 3 litres/minute
Capacity Replace cartridge every 24 months
Temperature Range
Warranty 12 months comprehensive warranty for any manufacturing defects
Suitable for Home, Office

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