Aquakleen Bacteria+ Countertop Water Filter System

Aquakleen Bacteria+ Countertop Water Filter System

Product Code: KCTSBUD10

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The Aquakleen Bacteria Safe Countertop contains a USA NSF certified pleated filter cartridge for the safe removal of bacteria, cysts, heavy metals, chlorine and sediment. A great simple filter solution for untreated tank or fresh water. Not only does it sit neatly on your sink-top for simple self-installation, it attaches quickly and easily to your kitchen tap. The filter system is also fitted with a simple to use diverter valve to allow filtered water or unfiltered water to be drawn without removal of the connecting hose.

Product Code


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  • Reduces Viruses, bacteria, cysts, heavy metals, chlorine, organic & inorganic chemicals, sediment, bad taste, rust, odour, colour
  • Certified and renowned world-wide for filter effectiveness
  • Comes with an additional tap adaptor so it connects to most mixer type taps


  • Simple to replace your filter cartridge when necessary (recommended 6 - 12 monthly depending on usage and water quality)
  • Peace of mind when using water from unknown water quality sources
  • The Water People offer a reliable hassle free filter change service


Size 32cm High
Flow Rate 3 litres/minute
Capacity 12 months or 3000 litres, whichever comes first
Temperature Range Ambient
Electrical Not Applicable
Colour White Casing, Chrome filter spout
Warranty Up To 5 Years Conditional Warranty (except for cartridges)
Suitable for Home, Travel, Holiday House

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