Ceramic Water Crocks

Modest. Appealing. Effective. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

In a world overrun by flashing buttons, tiny gadgets, and internet wizardry, sometimes all we need is simplicity.

Hand-crafted. Australian made. Low-tech. Easy to use. And effective. Our ceramic water filters do the job, without doing a job on you.

Our water crocks are hand thrown, on wheel, by a local potter - not mass produced. Filled by jug, by you, nightly. No hoses, or lines, or carbonation canisters required. Sitting pretty on your countertop, our water crocks are a quiet, elegant marriage of form and function. Reminiscent of the country and a simple way of life, they remove bacteria and solid impurities, while improving taste, making it perfectly suited for treating natural water sources, including wells and springs. Available in a variety of popular and traditional colours, our water crocks are portable, making them the ideal choice for renters, or nomads.  

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