Counter Top 12 Litre Stoneware Crock Water Filter System

Counter Top 12 Litre Stoneware Crock Water Filter System

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These beautiful, Australian made Stoneware Crocks are handmade on the potter’s wheel. They will filter out most of the impurities, providing you with naturally cool, refreshing, filtered and great tasting drinking water.  Simply top it up with tap water, allow it to filter and the reserve stores the filtered water in an internal storage hold ready for you at the simple turn of the strong stainless steel tap. 

Suitable for tank water (untreated water) or mains water, they come in two premium filter options to suit your needs.  Whether it be chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals or virus/bacterial/cyst removal, there is one that works for you!  

Furthermore, this stylish classic water filter system is of classic design, stylish and available in many great colour options to suit any decor.  On your kitchen bench, table or desk, they are portable and such a simplistic premium water filtration system you'll enjoy every time. 

Available in the slimline 10 litre or the larger 12 litre models, you'll simply love this product.  A great addition to any home or office or an ideal gift for the special person in your life.  Enquire  today!

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  • 2 filter options for tank water or mains water filtration 
  • Hand made pottery in many design colours to suit any decor
  • 10 litre slimline or 12 litre classic size options
  • Many stylish colour options to choose from
  • Stainless steel easy turn tap
  • Australian designed and Australian made


  • Being stoneware, the water will be naturally cool for drinking
  • Naturally resistant to cracking, crazing and chipping
  • Glazed internally to prevent any leaching of materials into water and for ease of cleaning
  • Fully portable
  • Two premium water filtration options to suit your water filtration needs


Size H 550 mm x W 260mm - (packaged size; H 800 x W 320 x D 320 - weight 12kg)
Flow Rate Replace filter every 12 months as recommended
Capacity 12 Litres
Temperature Range Cool
Electrical Not Applicable
Colour Gloss black, White, Cobalt Blue, Coffee, Green
Warranty 12 months. Breakages and cartridges excluded
Suitable for Home, Office, Holiday House

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