Filtered Water Taps

Tap into good health with filtered drinking water. Instantly.

We've filtered the market to bring you the best. 25 years of experience, and a master plumber’s license stand behind every one of our filtered water taps. Our range is elite and dependable. We cater to commercial and residential markets, equally.

As master plumbers, our ability to customise solutions is unparalleled. We can offer filtered water taps, delivering any of the following combinations:

  • Chilled
  • Boiling
  • Ambient
  • Sparkling 
  • All-in-One

We can even provide a single drinking water tap that dispenses not only filtered water, but normal water, for washing, through a single faucet, with two separate, concealed spouts. 

Use our product filter below to find your ideal combination, or call us for a tailored solution.

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