Billi Quadra 440 Boiling & Chilled - 150/175 (Commercial)

Billi Quadra 440 Boiling & Chilled - 150/175 (Commercial)

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Billi Quadra comes in 6 different capacity sizes to ensure you have enough boiling and chilled filtered drinking water to satisfy the needs of any busy office, kitchen or function centre. 

Australian made and Australian owned, with advanced chilled and boiling technology and stylish tap dispenser colour options available, the Billi Quadra is sure to delight staff and patrons alike. 

Complete with our standard sub micron water filter and compact under bench all in one system, you'll love the convenience and practicality of the Billi Quadra Boiling and Chilled System. Contact us to discuss the right size unit for your needs.

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  • Instant Boiling & Chilled Filtered Water
  • Sub micron filter technology
  • Large range of tap dispenser colour options
  • Concealed boiling water safety switch
  • Flashing amber icon indicating filter change is due
  • Adjustable chilled temperature levels
  • Bench mounted drain font and tap extension kit option
  • Touch button (no levers) design option
  • Brail sticker option
  • 2 year comprehensive warranty with extended warranty option
  • Australian made and Australian owned
  • Delivers 150 cups boiling and 175 cups chilled water per hour


  • Energy saving advanced technology
  • Sub micron water filter
  • Space saving under bench unit
  • No cupboard ventilation or external cooling fan required


Size H340mm x W315mm x D465mm
Flow Rate Continuous
Capacity 150 cups boiling & 175 cups chilled water per hour
Temperature Range 6-15°C chilled, 98°C boiling
Electrical 10 amp power outlet, supplied with a 1 metre flex cord and plug
Colour Polished Chrome, Matte Black, Gloss Black, Rose Gold,Gun Metal Grey, Gold, Matte White, Gloss White, Brushed Chrome, Platinum, Lime Green, Red, Grape, French Blue
Warranty Comprehensive 2 year warranty (extended warranty available)
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