Zip HydroChill Sparkling, Chilled & Ambient 120 Litres

Zip HydroChill Sparkling, Chilled & Ambient 120 Litres

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Looking for a continuous supply of chilled, still & sparkling drinking water for your business?

The Zip HydroChill Sparkling is the product for you! Never buy bottled sparkling water again, reducing your environmental footprint with lower costs and added convenience.

Provides 120L of chilled, sparkling water per hour along with an unlimited supply of ambient drinking water. This system is sure to bring a smile on your face. Perfect for a bar, cafe, restaurant and function centre.  Enquire Today.

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  • Instant chilled/sparking and chilled/still filtered water all in one tap
  • Smart, Clean, High-flow Bar styled tap
  • Adjustable chilled temperature levels
  • Stylish chrome twin levered slimline tap
  • 2.6 Litre Co2 Disposable Cannister
  • Australian Manufactured & Australian Owned
  • 120 Litres of Sparkling water per hour
  • Can be connected to larger C02 sources as required


  • Premium sub micron filtration giving you filtered chilled and sparkling water every time
  • Eliminate The Need To Purchase High Cost Bottled Sparkling Water Saving Both Your Wallet and Our Environment
  • A Stylish Luxurious Addition To Any Business in the Hospitality Industry
  • A Point Of Difference for Your Cafe or Restaurant Saving You Money as Well As Delighting Your Customers


Size H616mm x W425mm x D425mm
Flow Rate Continuous
Capacity 120 Litres of Chilled, Sparkling Water per hour
Temperature Range 6°C-15°C chilled
Electrical 10 amp
Colour Polished Chrome
Warranty 12 Months comprehensive warranty
Suitable for Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, Function Centre

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