Zip Hydrotap Classic 160/175 All In One Boiling, Sparkling & Chilled + Hot & Cold Mains (Commercial)

Zip Hydrotap Classic 160/175 All In One Boiling, Sparkling & Chilled + Hot & Cold Mains (Commercial)

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The Zip HydroTap All-in-One will change the way workplace kitchens are planned and used. In addition to the benefits of the standard Zip HydroTap, with the all in one instant boiling, chilled & sparkling water,  the Classic All-in-One has a single 120 degree swivel tap. It can be centrally mounted on a double bowl sink where it serves as both a mains hot and cold mixer tap and also delivers Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling filtered drinking water instantly. Perfect for kitchens with only a cold water supply (vented models) or both hot and cold water supply (mains models).

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  • All in one tap system with mains hot & cold + instant filtered boiling, chilled & sparkling water - all in one tap!
  • Full colour interactive touch screen display
  • 2 boiling water safety modes
  • 3 energy safety modes including "sleep when it's dark" sensor activation
  • Sub micron integrated water filter
  • 2.6kg refillable C02 cylinder with 6kg refillable C02 upgrade option
  • Polished chrome, brushed chrome, matte black or gloss black colour options
  • 160 cups boiling & 175 cups chilled filtered water per hour


  • Advanced technology cuts power consumption
  • You can connect this unit to your mains pressure hot and cold water supply, or choose a “vented” model which mixes cold water with boilingwater to give hot water, eliminating the need for connection to a separate hot water heater or separate hot water supply
  • An additional energy feature is that a light sensor on the rear of the tap shank sends the system to sleep whenever the room goes dark.
  • No need to have a separate tap!  You can now have it all in one saving space, clutter & keeping that minimalist look.
  • No hot water in your office?  No problem - this all in one Zip Hydrotap gives you instant mains hot and cold water for as well as instant boiling, chilled & sparkling filtered water.


Size H333mm x W394mm x D464mm
Flow Rate Continuous
Capacity 160 cups boiling& 175 cups chilled water per hour
Temperature Range 5-10°C Chilled, 98°C Boiling
Electrical Rating kW @ 230V is 2.1
Colour Polished chrome, Brushed chrome, Matte black or Gloss black
Warranty 5 years (appliance warranty 36 months plus additional 24 months tank warranty)
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