Zip Micro - Boiling and Chilled (Residential)

Zip Micro Boiling and Chilled (Residential)

Product Code: M1005AU

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Looking for filtered chilled and boiling water in your home and not sure if a unit can fit under your sink?

The Zip Micro is the product for you! Gone are the days of worrying about putting the kettle on and buying bottled water!

Provides filtered boiling and chilled water from the comfort and convenience of your own home.  Enquire Today.

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  • Instant chilled/still and boiling filtered water all in one tap
  • Small Box Size can fit in almost all kitchens
  • Stylish chrome or matte black tap style
  • Australian Manufactured & Australian Owned


  • Premium sub micron filtration giving you filtered chilled and boiling water every time
  • A Stylish Luxurious Addition To Any home
  • No need for a kettle or to purchase bottled water again


Size W180 x D502 x H340
Flow Rate Continuous
Capacity Up to 10 People
Temperature Range 5 - 10°C Chilled, 98°C Boiling
Electrical Boiling & Chilled: 220-240V, 50 Hz, 1.52kW, 1x10 Amp power outlet
Colour Polished Chrome or Matte Black
Warranty 2 years
Suitable for Home, small kitchen space

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