Aquakleen Twin Fluoride Pre Filter System for Zip or Billi Systems

Aquakleen Twin Fluoride Pre Filter System for Zip or Billi Systems

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Do you have or are you considering purchasing a Zip or Billi filter tap but are concerned about fluoride reduction?  If so, now you can have additional fluoride reduction all in one. 

Our Aquakleen twin fluoride water filter system gives you peace of mind that you're drinking safe and healthy water every time, not just for you but for the whole family.  This uncomplicated twin under bench filter system is installed neatly next to your Zip or Billi system feeding from the mains water supply before it feeds into your Zip or Billi filter.  This additional twin system removes dirt and sediment in the first stage followed by >90% fluoride in the 2nd stage, and with the final filter stage being your sub micron Zip or Billi filter, you now have a 3 stage premium filtration system all in one on your Zip or Billi tap.   Enquire today!

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Removes >90% Fluoride + sediment, dirt, rust & sand

Installs pre your Zip or Billi filter system creating 3 stage premium filtration

Certified and renowned world-wide for filter effectiveness

Free flowing compact system with low water pressure drop


  • Retains essential minerals
  • Installed out of sight with no bench clutter or unsightly on bench system
  • Premium filtered water on from your Zip or Billi tap - use it for drinking, kettle, cooking, washing fresh produce - premium filtered water of convenience
  • Filter change reminders - join our "auto send" program to receive you filters automatically in the post when they're due or email reminders - we keep the records for you so you don't have to worry and can maintain your water health


Size H 320m x W 230mm x D 140mm
Flow Rate Continuous
Capacity Stage 1 - 6 monthly filter change ; Stage 2 - 12 monthly filter change
Temperature Range Ambient
Electrical Not Applicable
Colour White filter housings,stainless steel mounting bracket
Warranty Up to 5 years conditional warranty (except filter cartridges)
Suitable for Additional Filtration for Zip or Billi Boiling/Chilled &/or Sparkling Taps

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