Filtered Water Coolers

Give the folks around the water cooler something to really talk about.

Our new generation water coolers provide refreshing chilled or ambient filtered water, with minimum fuss and maximum convenience.  Clean, green and cost effective, our water dispensers eliminate the hassle associated with traditional bottle replacement systems.  No environmental waste.  No storage or collection issues.  No safety issues, replacing heavy bottles.  No delivery fees.  Just clean, filtered, invigorating water, whenever and wherever you need it. 

Our water coolers:

  • Allow you to access chilled (cold), ambient and boiling (hot) filtered water, instantly
  • Promote a healthy work environment around the office
  • Are available as free-standing or benchtop water coolers and/or portable water coolers
  • Are cost effective - save money on bottled water
  • Reduce storage and recycling, by eliminating water bottles
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