Waterlux Top Filled Bottled Water Cooler Chilled & Hot Floor Standing

Waterlux Top Filled Bottled Water Cooler Chilled & Hot Floor Standing

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The Waterlux Bottled water cooler is stylish, economical and practical.  Saving you money and helping our environment with the easy top filled bottle system with an integrated water filter,  you wont have to buy bottled water again!  A great solution where mains water supply is not an option, simply plug it in and go.  It's stylish, practical, economical and quite possibly the best quality bottled water cooler on the market.  You need look no further!

Available in 4 great models to suit your need.  Floor standing or bench mounted, chilled and ambient (room temperature) or chilled and piping hot.  Dispensing 44 cups of chilled filtered water per hour (at a cool 10 degrees C) and 45 cups of piping hot filtered water per hour (at a temperature of 87 degrees C), it has great capacity to suit the smallest or busiest of locations. 

It comes with an easy clean removable drip tray, a top filled 6.5 litre water bottle , an internal bottle filter that reduces sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, bad taste and odour, an optional cup holder and an optional box of paper cups.  What more could you need?  Usually in stock with Australia wide delivery, and now with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty, enquire today!

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  • A very reliable, cost effective system
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty
  • No need to buy or store bottled water again!
  • Top up bottle with tap water and allow the internal water filter to filter your water ready for use
  • Multi function - can also use to for standard bottles of water
  • No mains connected water supply needed - simply plug in and go
  • No drainage required - comes with an easy clean removable drip tray
  • Also available in bench mounted and chilled & ambient models
  • Optional side mounted cup holder


  • Instant hot and cold filtered water every time
  • On/off switch at rear of cabinet allows you to disable hot when need be
  • Hot tap safety design
  • Easy to clean with wide removable drip tray & moulded easy clean front


Size H 950mm x W 310mm x D 310mm (water cooler) + H 340mm x W 302mm x D 301mm (top filled bottle)
Flow Rate Continuous
Capacity Cold - 44 cups per hour - Hot - 44 cups per hour
Temperature Range 10°C, chilled, 87°C hot
Electrical 220 Volts 50Hz single phase. 1.5 metre power cord supplied
Colour High gloss cloud white
Warranty 3 year Comprehensive Manufacturer's Warranty
Suitable for Office, Factory, School, Health Care, Medical Practice, Warehouse, Reception

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