Whole House Water Filters

A clean and clever solution for the whole house.

Why just filter your drinking water at your kitchen sink when all water outlets in your home or building can be filtered. All from one source. Home, Office, Medical or Manufacturing. We have the right solution for you.

As filtration requirements differ from mains connected water (treated) or tank/fresh water (untreated) we can custom design the right filtration system to suit your individual needs.

A whole house or building water filtration system ensures you have clean filtered water from all water outlets. Whether it be drinking, bath, shower or laundry, not only is your entire family protected, so are your expensive appliances by minimising residue build up from unfiltered water.

Our whole house water filter systems are conveniently installed along the side of your building and come complete with pressure gauges so there is no need for guess work when it comes to filter changes. We have single, twin and triple systems depending on your needs. They're practical and convenient. Now that's a smart idea!

Benefits of installing a Whole House Water Filter System:

  • Every water outlet in your home is filtered to suit your unique requirements
  • Utilising filtered water can protect your household appliances from residue build up, potentially prolonging their life
  • Your bath, shower, laundry and sinks use filtered water, protecting you from harmful contaminants both internally and externally on your body
  • Your entire family is protected while all of your internal water supply is filtered, giving you peace of mind.
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