Aquakleen Big Blue High Flow Triple 20"

Aquakleen Big Blue High Flow Triple 20"

Product Code: KTRIBB20

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For a powerful filtration system, don’t look past the Aquakleen Triple Big Blue 20" Filter System. Our most popular whole house filter system! The product comes with three 20" Big Blue high-pressure housings, stainless steel housing mounting bracket, pressure gauges and a housing spanner. It can be used for tank or mains water supply and can be utilised across a variety of applications, including commercially zoned filtration or whole-of-house water treatments. Whatever filter you require, we have it for you. From high flow sediment removal to chlorine removal, heavy metals and bacteria or virus removal, or with the addition of a UV lamp filter system as a final stage, you can find what you need right there. Suitable for tank or mains water supply.

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  • Our most popular whole house system
  • Pressure release valve to aid with ease of filter changes
  • Compact, hard-wearing, and durable
  • Compatible with a vast range of filter cartridges of your choice, depending on your filtration needs


  • High flow rate filtration, giving you low water pressure drop
  • Excellent high-pressure housing protects from bursting, or risk of flooding
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge to identify when and which filter is in need of change over


Size H700 X W580 x D205
Flow Rate 60 litres per minute
Temperature Range Mains cold water line
Electrical N/A
Colour Blue housing with black housing head andstainless steel mounting bracket
Warranty 5 years
Suitable for Home, Office, Factory, Industrial

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