4 Stage Filtration Guarantees Protection For Your Safety

The Water People on 30 October 2014

Stage 1 – Sediment pre-filter for mechanical filtration

step 1

A superfine polypropylene cartridge protects and extends the life of the membrane by removing sediment particles that are as fine as 5 microns (1 micron = 1/1000 of a mm) such as grit, dust, rust, mud and algae.


Stage 2 – Granular activated carbon pre-filter for membrane protection

step 2

A special high-grade class 1 filtration media carbon cartridge is added as a pre-filter to protect the TFC (thin filter composite) membrane from chlorine degradation. Service life of this pre-filter is 2500 US gallons/9,463 litres.


 Stage 3 – Ultrafine RO membrane

step 3

With pore size less than 0.0005 micron the membrane effectively screens out micro-particles. It repels heavy metal complexes including aluminium, lead, mercury; micro organisms; colloidal matter and most cysts and virtually eliminates mineral ions including fluorides and sodium. This membrane has remarkable affinity for oxygen producing sparkling oxygenated water.


Stage 4 – Carbon polishing post filter

step 4

This provides the final polish to your drinking water. It ensures removal of unwanted odours and the creation of superb tasting water. This final filter acts as a final check against any organic impurities.


NSF Independently Certified

NSF Independently certifiedThe filter housing and fittings have been tested for performance to comply with NSF Standard 42 for taste, chlorine and odour reduction, and particulate reduction. The National Scientific Foundation is a trusted third-party not-for-profit testing organisation for product manufacturers that deliver, and treat, drinking water. A NSF mark tells customers as well as the regulatory community that your products are certified safer.


countertop 4 stage reverse osmosis purifier WP6000

Aquakleen Countertop Reverse Osmosis

The Aquakleen Countertop Reverse Osmosis water purifier is a superior 4 stage water purifier which provides the ultimate in drinking water quality. It delivers clean, clear drinking water as and when you want it. It is top quality USA made and comes in its own stylish case.
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4 stage reverse osmosis purifier WP6004

Sierra Reverse Osmosis System

The Sierra 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis water purifier delivers litres of clean, clear drinking water from the convenience of the dedicated pure water faucet on the sink top. You have a choice of faucets to complement your existing kitchen tap. Reverse osmosis water is just so refreshing, great tasting and chemical free… remember how good tank water from our childhood used to taste?
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