Instant Hot Water Taps

You live at high speed. We'll match your pace. From zero to 100º C. Instantly.

In a world of fast trains, high-speed internet, and instant messaging, waiting for the kettle to boil is like driving a cart-and-pony. It will get you there. Eventually. We want you to break records. Clear hurdles. And take care of business. Even if that business is as simple as a cup of tea.  

With our select range of instant boiling water systems, including premium brands such as Zip and our own label, Hydromix, we keep you moving. Whether you're between meetings, on a break, strategising at the conference table, or at the kitchen table, we have the instant boiling water tap for you. Our product range of instant boiling drinking water is extenstive and includes;

  • Our wall mounted units which save space - as well as time, money, energy and water.
  • Our under-bench systems which deliver instant boiling water at the touch of a button, or the twist of a lever. Thanks to our custom safety features, including remote boiling control switches, small children and older people are kept safe from accidents.  
  • Filtered water taps, alkalisers, reverse osmosis and more.....

Clean, pure, energy efficient, and instantaneous. Our taps use next generation technology to provide constant access without constantly running the boiler. The result: filtered, boiling water and a lower carbon footprint.  

Life is for living - not waiting. Use our tool to get what you need, instantly. If you have any questions, please call. We're here to help.

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