Reverse Osmosis Filters

Climb a glacier? Or turn the tap? Reach the pinnacle of purity. The easy way.

For the ultimate in water purification, nothing matches our reverse osmosis filter systems. In addition to the removal of organic and solid inorganic contaminants - achieved by standard water filtration - reverse osmosis removes dissolved organic and chemicals pollutants, including pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride. Reverse osmosis filters are ideal for both residential and commercial use, including:

  • Naturopaths
  • Individuals with chronic illness, including cancer and kidney disease
  • Medical practitioners and caregivers
  • Individuals and families seeking absolutely pure, unadulterated water

Unlike standard filters, which absorb impurities, reverse osmosis uses household water pressure to push tap water through a membrane, which blocks contaminants and allows only water through. The impurities and contaminants are flushed down the drain, while only the purified water is released through the tap.

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