Boiling & Ambient Drinking Water Systems

Get into some hot water. Retreat to ambient. Repeat. You only live once.

Eight glasses a day go down easier - and do more good - when they're at room temperature. Hot water with lemon invigorates the body - and the mind. And a cup of tea soothes the soul - and cures nearly anything. Small things? Yes. But the small things can make the biggest difference to how we feel - at home, at work and at play.  

Our boiling and ambient water systems deliver filtered water, at the temperature of your choice, instantly. Our range is select, consisting of; trusted brand names, such as Zip and our own label, Hydromix and includes;

  • Trusted brand names, such as Zip
  • Our own handcrafted brand built by our Master Plumbers - Hydromix
  • And the latest e-Tap technology 

Our boiling and ambient taps feature contemporary, compact design and they complement current trends in kitchen decor, and are suited to both residential and commercial settings.

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